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team members

We are a Dermatology Support Organization that partners with and invests in leading dermatology practices. Our goal is to improve the lives of top dermatologists. As a highly collaborative partnership, we work closely with each of our partner dermatologists to figure out what is most important to them.

Hear what our team members have to say about being part of our organization.

“The mission of DMP is to improve the lives of dermatologists and we think about that with every decision that we make”

DMP Partners

“We have an amazing team of individuals with an unwavering commitment to doing what is right”

Dr. Ross

“I just had a really great feel about how real and genuine they were”

Dr. Owens

“They are extremely ethical…I’ve been given the autonomy to practice however I want”

Dr. Lindsey

“DMP was extremely accommodating and flexible with regard to my schedule”

Dr. Sultenfuss

“Being with DMP has given me a lot more time”

Dr. Soares

“We’re always looking to do the best for our patients”

Audrey Ford

“They promote within…It has given me the opportunity to grow…and help other employees”

Ruth Sinning

“It’s nice to have a wide array of backgrounds…different opinions, different experiences”

Lesley Volante