What is a Partnership?

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Dermatology Medical Partners affiliates with, invests in, and partners with leading dermatologists to support practices with the non-clinical business challenges they face.

For dermatologists looking to monetize the value of their practice, we offer compelling value and a flexible approach based on each owner’s specific needs and goals. We work closely with our prospective partners to structure a transaction that is appropriate for all constituents.

Best of all, we do not interfere with your clinical decision making. DMP partners maintain full clinical autonomy as well as their local brand, identity and reputation. Our team of experienced healthcare executives works for you to support your practice and provides exceptional non-clinical support services.

Happy young dermatologist with his assistant

Benefits of Affiliation

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Practice / Staff Stability & Legacy

Succession Planning

Group practices enable dermatologists to plan for a gradual transition while ensuring that patients are left in good hands and staff members are taken care of.

Recruiting & Staff Management


Access to a network of providers with management team members focused on recruiting and placing dermatologists, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Human Resources

Training, payroll and benefits administration can be centralized to provide lower cost and higher value options for team members, removing the burden from an independent owner.

Relief from Administrative Burdens

Reimbursement Dynamics

Access to commercial payor networks, provider credentialing, fee schedule management, and collections in different markets can be more efficiently managed with support from a group practice.

Regulation & Compliance

Dedicated management team members focus on ensuring affiliated practices adhere to high standards of compliance within the increasingly complex environment, including management of ICD-10, HIPAA, HITECH, EHR, licensing, and regulatory risk mitigation.

Accounting & IT

Affiliated practices can take advantage of scale, industry best practices, and proven management executives to streamline accounting and information systems, thus allowing providers to focus on patient care.


Equipment and supplies can be procured with economies of scale to provide significant advantages and lower costs.

 Portrait of doctors and business people discussing new partnership opportunities

Our Priorities

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While Dermatologists stress the ABCDs of skin cancer (Asymmetry, Border, Color, Diameter), Dermatology Medical Partners highlights our own ABCDs focused on improving the lives of Dermatologists:

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Preservation and respect for the practice you have built

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Business Experience

Shared services & administrative support for your practice

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Capital Resources

Access to capital and investment to build additional value

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Stability for your staff and patients

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There are multiple steps to the process. We typically start by executing a confidentiality agreement and exchanging relevant information which will allow us to better understand your practice. We spend significant time getting to know you and your practice. This process helps us understand your unique situation, and allows us to develop a transaction structure that fits your needs.
Clinical decisions will not be impacted. You will maintain clinical autonomy over your practice. You will be provided the opportunity to benefit from sharing of best practices among affiliated practices.
Yes. All of our acquired practices maintain their local identity and branding. Our team is willing to work with you to enhance this local brand and to expand participation in your community.
As an affiliated Dermatology Medical Partners dermatologist, we work collaboratively with you to help relieve the stresses of running and managing your practice on a day-to-day basis. While Dermatology Medical Partners supports you in the non-clinical aspects of the practice, you will have more free time to focus on patient care, as well as more time to focus on family, friends, and to pursue other personal interests outside of the practice.
We partner with practices of all sizes and would welcome a conversation with you to determine if your practice may be a fit with our organization.

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